WzshSDK is a scripting language program encryption and license enabling software. It supports SH, BASH, KSH and even PERL, RUBY. For most type of script languages, wzshSDK only supports the encryption for independent and directly executable scripts, but for mkshR47 compatible scripts, we have a modified mksh interpreter which enables the support of module-script encryption (those included by other script using a dot "." command), and it supports up to 3 levels of includes, means in s1 you have a ". s2", and in s2 you have a ". s3", and in s3 you have a ".s4", and all those s1,s2,s3,s4 scripts can be encrypted.

wzshSDK encrypted programs can only be run on systems with wzsh runtime environment installed and licensed. The modified mksh interpreter is included in the wzsh runtime environment.

Remember, there is no such thing that can make encrypted and executable script 100% secure. With that said, compared with other tools which can do script encryption, wzshSDK is much more secure: we use the standard AES to do the encryption, and the encrypted script is not vulnerable to temp-watch attack, or "ps aux" attack. If arranged properly, wzsh runtime environment also can help to protect password embedded in the script from system call tracer attack.
The debian version of wzshSDK and wzshRUN packages should be used by any Linux distributions that have kernel not older than 2.6.37 and libc not older than 2.13 on Intel/AMD 64bit platforms.

No matter how big your company is, you only need to buy and set up one wzshSDK: script encrypted on Linux will still be able to be executed on other UNIX platforms as long as the original script is multi-platform compatible and the target platform has wzsh runtime support.