How to install WZIS Software's PHP extension
If you want to use our PHP extension, you have to find or build that extension for the version of PHP you have on the machine; in other words, you can't use an extension binary built for a different version of PHP, no matter that version is newer than yours or older.

So to make sure you can have our extension work for your version of PHP, we deliver a package that allow you to build the binary extension yourself.

To build WZIS Software's PHP extension binary file
1. Make sure the machine has PHP fully installed, including the php-devel sub-package which is needed to make the extension binary.
2. The machine needs also have C development software, such as GNU gcc C comipler, make installed.
3. Download wzisphpmodSRCver-ARCH.pkg from
4. chmod +x wzisphpmodSRC*
5. ./wzisphpmodSRCver-ARCH.pkg

The step 5 will try to build for the version of PHP on the machine. If built successfully, you can then use the binary for other machines which use the same version of PHP and OS is same or newer.

The needs be installed under the directory specified by "php -i|grep extension_dir" on the target machine, and a line of "" needs be added to the php.ini file used by the PHP on the machine (check "php --ini").

If step 5 failed to build the binary, you will be prompted to send a log file to WZIS Software for analysis. Please send the file as attachment to support @ wziss . com