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Our security software are world's number 1 in capabilities of combating attacks, and give you more reliable security function. If you can find a similar function software that you think it can beat our software in helping users to protect password entered for security software, such as gpg, ssh,, and proved, we will refund you fully and let you continue to use our software for free if you like. If you are the first person which find such 3rd party software similar to our software in general function, more capable to combat password stealing attacks, and proved, we will reward you AU$10,000.

We have solution for you to:
1. Reliably detect critical file change, and other intrusion symptoms.
2. A new way to manage your data center's UNIX/Linux systems so that, their critical accounts will be much more secure than you use other solutions.
3. More secure privilege delegation.
4. More secure job automation.
5. More secure file encryption/decryption.

We can beat any other vendors for making your system more secure in these areas.

Check our demos. (Note: the demos here are based on older versions of our software. New versions have more security features. Check software documents for more details)

We guarantee that our security software have no back door by our design. Otherwise, you can sue us and if proved it's by our design and by purpose, we will pay you.