AutoSFTP is an UNIX/Linux sftp automation software. Not only can it help you to automate sftp file transfer from your UNIX/Linux machine to other machines which have sftp server running, it will also help you to significantly reduce the risk of  the password or passphrase used for the sftp file transfer being stolen; when you also use our privilege delegation software (see our case studies for how to use our software to overcome the security risks in UNIX cross server job automation), you can make the account which is used for the sftp file transfer only able to do the specific file transfer, not able to read the file, not able to transfer other files, and not able to use the file transfer privilege to cause false transactions to be inserted into the database running on the target machine.

Our AutoSFTP is more secure than manually running sftp on UNIX platforms.
Reasons for that:
The software uses very sophisticated encryption key generation algorithm for the encryption of the password or passphrase, and uses the standard 256-bit AES for the encryption.
The software has a built in anti-Trojan Horse capability, so even if a malicious person with root privilege replaces the sftp or ssh program to try stealing the password or passphrase, he/she would fail.
It has anti-system call tracer capability, others won't be able to use system call tracer, like strace on Linux, tusc on HP-UX and truss on AIX and Solaris, to capture the password or passphrase.
On Solaris, AutoSFTP is the only tool that can protect password/passphrase from stolen by malicious person using dtrace facility.
Our AutoSFTP software is fully compatible with the OpenSSH software, means all options usable by sftp, can be used with our AutoSFTP.

The following is an sample of encrypted password/passphrase file content, dumped using "od -c":
0000000   1   m   s   E   w   I   U   4   R   m   f   R   g   h   x 005
0000020   4   }   G 005   t   f 206 247 276 037 347   v 264 212 303 023
0000040 302 355 276   r   | 213 270 235   U   P   \ 304 362   % 300   p
0000060   G 257 020   O   & 373   ?   d   Q 232   @ 032   ] 242  \n   |
0000100   N 235 315 232   G 231 360   g 017   O   = 336 276   `   H

Each encrypted password/passphrase file is only usable by the account who created the file on the system, not other accounts on the system or copied the file to another machine to use it.