HP9000/800 AppStore

The software here are compatible with HP-UX11iv2 or above, running on HP9000 UNIX machines.
Binary executable will need libgcc_s.4 to run, which you can either install hp-gcc64 4.7.1, or by setting environment variable
for running the executable.

Unless you have very specific reason, you can choose either 32-bit version or 64-bit version of our software, except WZSysGuard and asftp: the 32-bit version software will not be able to handle files larger than 2GB or 4GB depends on filesystem type.

    32-bit version

    64-bit version

  • wzsgWEB5.3.tar  
  • md5: 81d59d76efe7e4994f6841a55e0062c1
    cksum: 482249719 51200

    To further check the integrity of the software packages, please see the "SHA384 CheckSum" page under the App Store.